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Terms and Conditions

The website assists people worldwide in finding suitable dental services and making reservations in a simple and fast manner, all in one place.

Terms of use for dentists: serves as a platform for dental clinics to advertise and create their profiles.

The first step in this process is selecting a package. After payment for the chosen package is made, the dental clinic will be featured on the website. The advertising period corresponds to the selected package, which is priced on a monthly basis. Each clinic can have only one account, including one username and password, which are used for accessing the website and its privileges.

The dental clinic is obligated to accept the User as a contracting party and carry out online reservations according to the available time slots. The dentist is responsible for confirming the reservation to the user and providing any additional information requested by the User. The dentist is obliged to respond to all inquiries regarding the service, price, location, and other essential information related to the provision of the service.

Contract renewal: will notify the dental clinic of the advertising expiration seven days prior to the end date, along with an offer to continue the collaboration, in accordance with the current packages. Upon termination of the current contract (package), it ceases to be valid and does not automatically renew.

Cancellation by the dentist:

The chosen package can be canceled, meaning the dental clinic may decide not to extend it upon the expiration of the paid period.

Cancellation by reserves the right to suspend or terminate a dentist’s profile if there are objective reasons for doing so, with prior notice.

Right to access and modify content:

The dental clinic guarantees the accuracy of the service information published on its website, from which retrieves data. Furthermore, the dental clinic guarantees the accuracy of all provided information through any other communication channels, both to and to users. The dentist guarantees and commits to ensuring that the service information provided is always truthful and will not mislead the user.

By accepting the service package, you also accept and agree to the publication of data available on the official website of the dental clinic or directly provided to us. reserves the right to modify and select the content on the website at any time, while maintaining the accuracy of the data, with the aim of improving the website’s functionality and enhancing the promotion of dental clinics.

Third Parties

The website contains links to third-party websites. is not responsible for the accuracy of information, data, and statements provided by third parties, nor is it liable for the security of any links and communications with such websites.

Terms of Use for Clients

Age and Responsibility can only be used by individuals who have the legal capacity to assume obligations in accordance with the laws of their country of residence.

By accessing and using this website, you guarantee that you are over 18 years of age.

Disclaimer does not provide any healthcare services, medical advice, or diagnoses. is not a medical or healthcare institution.

All available data on the website is for informational purposes only, and the website serves as a platform for dentists and users to connect. In other words, the website serves as an advertising space where dental clinics present themselves. It is intended for all users who wish to connect with dental clinics. Since is not a provider of medical services, it is not responsible for their execution.

If a user decides to contact a dental clinic and schedule an appointment or service, they can do so through the website by directly contacting the dental clinic. We recommend that you read all available information about the dental clinic and watch any provided videos before making a reservation.

Furthermore, we advise you to read recommendations and reviews from other users. Please note that the reviews displayed on the website reflect the opinions of users of dental services and not those of All information on the website is intended to assist you in choosing a clinic and the service you require.

Comment Policy

Comments must not be offensive. Comments must be truthful and relate solely to a specific dental facility and its services. Comments must be friendly and should not contain vulgar or inappropriate language. Comments must be relevant, meaning they should be related to the topic and the specific dental clinic.

Service Complaints

Complaints or requests regarding the products or services offered, provided, or delivered by a dentist should be directed to the dental clinic. The clinic defines its own procedure for handling such matters. The dentist will address and resolve user complaints and requests directly with the user, without the involvement of is not responsible and disclaims any liability regarding such complaints made by users.

Service Pricing

While we strive to display accurate prices, service prices are subject to occasional changes. Therefore, we advise you to verify the exact price in correspondence with the dentist.

The dentist commits to offering prices and conditions on that are consistent with the prices offered in their clinic.

Confidentiality of Information

As defined in the privacy policy, handles the available information entrusted to it with special care. This particularly applies to confidential data, such as personal information. The data will be handled in accordance with the law.

Users, as well as dental clinics, agree that may process their data for purposes specified by the law. They also consent to using the data for marketing purposes, such as sending promotional emails and other activities, while prioritizing user privacy.

Copyright retains the copyright to all content published on the website. Reproduction without proper attribution is not permitted and constitutes a violation of copyright.

The language used in the event of any legal dispute shall, in line with Serbian legislation, be Serbian.